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kymbo wrote at 2014-05-06 03:15:53
Hello "Sam". If you like, I can send you a PDF file, which is a photograph of an original typed letter written by Elder Starr in 1924, who was present at a council on the subject of Melchizedek which was held at Avondale College when Sister White was living in Australia, which would be circa. 1896, or thereabouts. In this letter, Elder Starr recalls that Sister White quite forthrightly gave her thoughts on the identity of Melchizedek - a as he was present at that time. Elder Starr personally signed off on the letter himself, and it was originally accessed from the `Adventist Heritage Center, James White Library, Andrews University.' However, I would need an e-mail address to send the PDF file to.  

moses wrote at 2016-06-25 17:28:26
According to chapter 7 Hebrew Melchizedek was is a greator priest than Aron of the most high..moses the one who wrote genesis has identified other gods by sure in genesis he couldnt mix them up..and why would God care to care his son after the priest of baal..there is only one most high God..Melchizedek was a priest to which even levi paid tithe through Abraham..there is not where in the bible where it states that he served baal..thats is a pure lie....

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