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Well I must say that you guys are all wrong concerning the law and Jesus Christ. The world does not know the true Jesus nor do professing Christians do. Christ said already in matt. 5, 17 'think not that I came to take the law.... one jot one tittle till heaven and earth past then shall the law. Is the heavens and earth gone??? He made the law more binding stating if you shall think in your head on another man or woman wrongfully then you have already sinned. Christ said if you love me then keep my commandments many times. On these two commandments love for God and love for your neighbor hang all the law...which means the rest of the law is included. Christ just summed them up into two. What Christ did take to the cross with him is the death penalty of the law. The ten commandments are separate from the mosaic law and cerimonial laws. Christ is the end of the law which are no more animal sacrifices and the death penalty etc... John said and the commandments are holy,just and good and they are not grievance.The ten commandments are God's spiritulal law. Im malachi it was profecied that Christ would magnify the law.Paul said i would not have know sin if it was not for knowing the law. I mean I can go on and on. I'm not a seventh day adventist but i agree with some things they teach. You should be keeping the Holy days instead of the pagan holidays. I used to sit in protestant churchs and listen to all the lies they teach. Protestants are the harlot daughters of the whore which is the catholic church whom they broke away from during reformation.This site should not be called all expert but all Diecevers.


I hope you're more careful about how you read your Bible than you were about deciding who to send this "question" to.  I say that because every question I've answered on this site is in support of the true meaning of Matthew 5:17,18.  That meaning and my answers is in agreement with the first half of what you've said.  So, why did you send this question to me?  I agree that some of these others are only in this section of this site in order to deceive -- they aren't even Seventh-Day Adventists.  But, I am.  I also didn't stop where corporate Seventh-Day Adventism stopped -- with God's weekly Sabbath.  Meaning: I discovered over 10 years ago that God's Feasts never ended at the Cross, either.  I have kept them ever since.

Where you make your mistake is that you change the actual words of the Bible to suit your own misunderstanding.  Which is, that the word "commandments" *only* refers to the traditional Ten Commandments.  In point of fact, John did *NOT* say that only the traditional Ten Commandments were holy.  He said that <i>all </i> of God's commandments are holy.  Have you read where God said in His Word (Leviticus 27:34) that all His Statues are His commandments?  Further, Jesus quoted two statutes (Deut. 6:5 and Lev. 19:18) and said that they were commandments, too.  Also, God *never* said there was a "ceremonial law" at all.  He only said His Law was made up of commandments, statutes, and judgments.

This is what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 5:17,18 that could have no end unless all of heaven and earth passed away, first.  To wit, Jesus continues to perform the ceremonies in the Heavenly Sanctuary as our High Priest.  Further point of fact is that Jesus added additional sacrifices and ceremonies as part of the Christian Dispensation.  The Ordinance of Humility, the Lord's Supper, and baptism are those ceremonies and sacrifices.

You need to go back and read all of the answers I have posted.  You'll find out a lot of amazing things about what God said in the Bible -- and all true.  I have a 290-page book coming out in the next three months entitled The Truth About The Law of God .  You will be able to get it from

May God richly bless you in direct proportion to your desire to know, and to do, the full truth even as it is in Yehsh' haMshyach, Jesus Christ, The Messiah, our Lord, and our Saviour.  Awmane!


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I can answer most any question which is truly Bible-centric. I make this distinction because there is much which is considered biblical; but, which, is actually based only upon the traditions of men. However, I will also state this caveat: not all traditions are necessarily "bad" by definition. Otherwise, the subject about which I am passionate is The Law of God. There is much misconception in this area. In point of fact, I, myself, only woke up a bit over 10 years ago (2002) to what is truly meant by the Law of God and how that relates to Salvation. This, of course, is a touchy subject when you start mixing the Law of God with the subject of Salvation -- which, everyone should know, is a gift of God, by grace, through faith and not of works; lest any man should boast (Eph. 2:8,9). I am thankful that God the Holy Spirit has opened, and is opening, my eyes to these Truths.


I have taken Bible classes every year since the first grade through 4-year college level and study the Bible every week with others in Sabbath School. I have also continued studying the Bible, on my own, throughout my life -- particularly these last 10+ years. Therefore, I consider myself to have about 48+ years of both formal and informal Bible experience upon which to draw.

I am a current member in good and full standing with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I am also a level-7 member of Yahoo!Answers in the Religion & Spirituality group. Lastly, though not a related discipline, I am also a member at because of my professional standing as a computer programmer of more than 35 years.

"The Truth About the Law of God" by Dave L Clark I is a 298-page book available at Some of my writings may also be found on the following websites: << >>; << >>; and, << >>.

I have 3 years of formal college and a 4-year college equivalence degree in Information Technology. Otherwise, I am not formally credentialed in Bible doctrine or theology. However, when did God ever say that He only speaks to or through theologian-type or highly-placed sources?

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