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Dear Patricia:

Since you were an SDA I would like you to read the following statement from Sal. I find it astounding, if true.

"It was believed that the Investigative Judgment would end on October 22, 1851. When this date passed without incident, James White, EGW's husband, took matters into his own hands. He published his wife's visions, but with an important omission. He deleted all references to the Shut Door from her writings. When some fellow SDAs confronted him on the omissions, he promised to publish EGW's complete visions. This was a promise that he never kept."

Did EGW support the shut door doctrine and her husband try to cover it up by deleting some of her writings? Is this true? It seems incredible that Mr. White would do such a thing and be allowed to get away with it. It seems from what Sal wrote that some SDAs tried to call him on it, but he lied to them. Did you know anything about this as an SDA? If not, how and when did you find out about it?


Hello Tammy,

Thank you for your questions.

Yes, Sal's statement is 100% accurate. Following are links that explain:

Even though the Shut Door theory was supposedly given to her in a vision from God, by 1851 they were beginning to divorce themselves from this belief by omission. Instead of admitting the error, they chose to stop printing and talking about it in hopes that it would somehow be forgotten.

A lot of confidence was placed in Elder and Mrs. White as leaders of the church and the fact that they truly believed Mrs. White's visions were from God. When they confronted James White about the omissions, he promised to publish her visions in full detail when funds were available. He never did.

Twelve years later (1863), the SDA church was formally and officially organized and the Shut Door theory was a thing of the past except for earlier Present Truth pamphlets that taught it and had not been destroyed. By 1863 they had begun to open the door by preaching outside of their little circle inviting people to accept Jesus because they realized that the door to salvation wasn't shut after all. By design, all new members never heard of the Shut Door.

I didn't know of the Shut Door until I finally realized that Ellen White was a false prophet and I began to do research on what I had been taught to believe and compared it to what the Bible actually says. It is one of the many things that I found to be shocking.

I hope this response has been helpful. Be blessed!  

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As a former Seventh-day Adventist (SDA), I have insight of value to those who are questioning and/or trying to decide if they should leave or become an SDA. It would be my privilege to discuss SDA church doctrine, structure, Ellen White, the old and new covenants, and their various beliefs. The Bible will be my main source of reference and all quotes, etc. will be documented. I understand that there are different variants of Adventists, but I am only familiar with what I would call traditional or main stream.


I was a Seventh-day Adventist for over 50 years. I attended their schools and I was always active in the churches I attended. I also worked for the denomination for 37 years. Since I was educated in their schools from Grade 1, and because what I was taught came from the Bible, I never questioned my beliefs. I considered myself as one whom the Lord had chosen to bring out of darkness into His marvelous light. In the year 2005, I became keenly aware that Ellen White contradicted the Scriptures numerous times and plagiarized some of her most popular writings. At this point, I had to seriously consider studying for myself with the aid of the Holy Spirit to see if indeed I really had the truth. Sad to say, I discovered that I was deluded and deliberately deceived by the church I loved and served. In 2010, I requested that my name be withdrawn from the membership roster of the church. Since then, it has been my passion to tell those in the SDA church and those considering joining Adventism, the truth and freedom that I have discovered and enjoy daily. I interact on Facebook with SDAs frequently regarding their beliefs and doctrines compared to the Bible. In addition to answering questions on this site, I have a blog ( and the purpose of my articles is to expose the false doctrines of the SDA church After 50 plus years of trying to 'work' my way, I have discovered the sweet rest in the finished work of my Savior. I've also discovered that there is nothing that I have ever done to make Jesus love me less and there is nothing that I can ever do to make Jesus love me more. Jesus just loves me and this I know!

M.A.O.M. degree (Master of Arts in Organizational Management). I also have a B.A.I.C. degree (Born Again in Christ). My calling is to help spread the Good News of the Gospel and to help lift the veil by sharing Jesus, Who is the Truth and the Light.

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