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Hello Brother Sal:

I am writing this question to you because, while being familiar with a bit of Adventist doctrine I have a friend who is and SDA. I was unfamiliar with his beliefs that Michael the Archangel is actually Jesus.  As usual he offers scriptures and suppositions I couldn't answer right away.  And before I started to do a study I thought perhaps you could help me.  I don't mean to sound as though I am lazy and my friend is not worth the time, but I know you will agree when I say, it is very difficult trying to reason with members of a cult.  And i find it very exhaustive and just hope you can help me with this one.  Can you provide some reasoning that refutes the standard SDA argument relating to this doctrine?

Dear Brother Charles:

Since you have noted the great difficulty in reasoning with this person, why bother on this doctrine? SDAs do not believe that Jesus is a created being. They do believe that he is God. So let them believe this doctrine. I see it as relatively harmless compared with some of their other false doctrines. Why would a Christian even consider that an angel could be Jesus Christ? The answer for SDAs is because their so-called prophet, Ellen G. White, said Michael is Jesus.  Therefore, they must believe it or admit that she was wrong. “Michael, or Christ, with the angels that buried Moses, came down from heaven” (Ellen G. White, The Truth About Angels, p. 104). While Ellen White was wrong on the identity of Michael, SDAs do believe that Jesus is God. So we can be thankful for that and perhaps you should not dispute this doctrine. However, if you still wish to discuss Michael and Jesus just let me know and I will help.  

God Bless You,
Brother Sal  

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