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Sir, in India we place flower garlands on coffins will it mean worshiping the dead.

Hi Arul,

Thank you for your question!

In reading up a little bit about India and how they use the flowers, it would seem like the flowers used would not necessarily be for the "worshiping of the dead" but more to honor a Hindu deity. There are also certain flowers themselves that are used on specific occasions to honor specific deities.

Flowers of themselves are not evil, and placing flowers at a grave site, over a coffin, etc. is not worshiping the dead. Over here in the United States, using flowers in this way is a way of honoring the deceased (not worshiping them). By "honoring" them I mean that we think about their life and what they meant to us.

It sounds like to me this is a more culture sensitive issue rather than a biblical one. If you can use the flowers in a way that has nothing to do with any pagan deities, than use them.  :)

God be with you brother.

I am sorry for your loss.


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