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QUESTION: I asked a question 10 days ago and it was refered to you last week i am still awaiting a reply or acknowledgement of you receiving my question.  (Start of Sabeth north of the artic circle)

ANSWER: Hey...  sorry, have been away from home the past couple days and busy with other items prior to that.  I'm not really sure about the answer to this one except that the counsel in the Genesis creation account is from evening to morning makes a day.  From this, one might surmise or infer that at the time of creation the inhabited earth had equal amounts of daylight and darkness.  I have heard others present the supposition that it was the great flood that altered the earths attitude and tilt that has since made the figure eight wobble etc. that give us these unbalanced daylight/darkness times at the poles.  So, if we are judging our facts by the Bible alone, in the beginning the daylight hours were equal everywhere, or so the supposition could be.  One has to consider the issue of habitability also.  In the extremes of cold at the poles, where these days and nights are extreme, it was not likely inhabited by humanity at that time because of the harshness of cold and the inability to grow seed crops.  Just some thoughts. No ironclad expertise.

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QUESTION: SDA's say that the kJ version of the bible is the only truth and is to believed 100%. So from this standpoint the bible is supposed to cover wherever humanity is.  There are people who live at these extreme locations at all times. Also people who are in space do not have sunset or sunrise on a regular(daily) bases.  So does this not show that the bible is inaccurate and should be taken as a philosophical and extremely general view of history?

So, since they live in these extremes, space and at the poles, that means to you The Bible is not to be taken as truth and practiced in the life?  Does this also mean that people could steal when they were starving or lie when the Nazi's come to the door?  Truth is still truth.  This is what faith is all about.  Will you practice and keep the truth THOUGH THE HEAVENS FALL?

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