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John wrote at 2013-09-11 15:58:00

I sincerely appreciate you concern, but the SDAs get their help from the Bible guided by the Holy Spirit.  We really donít need the Ďhelpí of the self-proclaimed Ďexpertsí on this site regardless of their misguided efforts.  We are all saved by our faith in Jesus and His promise that belief in Him will assure us a place in heaven. Iím sure you recognize that allowing mere humans to take the place of the Holy Spirit opens the door to deception.   

In my experience Iíve observed that an SDA will explain their beliefs to you, give scriptural references to support those beliefs, and then let you prayerfully seek out the Holy Spirit in your quest for the truth.  On the other hand, the non-SDA experts on this site will explain their beliefs to you, give you scriptural references to support those beliefs, but then for some reason feel it is their calling to reprimand anyone who chooses to disagree with them.  Itís almost like they canít accept that SDAs are fellow Christians who are already assured of their salvation.  This is why I have often times challenged them on what I refer to as their Ďmore savedí principle.  I simply donít understand why they feel compelled to tell a group of people that the way they have chosen to follow Jesus is wrong.  Instead of opposing the SDAs shouldnít these non-SDA experts be focusing their energies on leading the lost to Christ?  Because in the end that is all that really matters.    

Allow God to use you to do His willÖ  Donít use God to do your will.



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I am privileged to be able to offer an alternative insight into the complicated world of Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) theology. I will rely heavily on the Bible, but will also consider history and use logic in exposing deficiencies in SDA teachings. I would ask anyone who is considering becoming a SDA or if you are already in the SDA church, but are searching for the truth, to please allow me to offer a different explanation for the claims of the SDA. Remember : "The truth will set you free" (John 8:32). I can answer your questions pertaining to the beliefs and history of the SDA. I am not able to answer questions concerning spirituality or church discipline.


I have extensively studied the theology of the Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) for a number of years. I have many books and tape sets produced by experts in this field of study. I have debated current members of the SDA church. I have a great desire to help these people see the truth.

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