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Dear Marty,

I am wondering, are there any specific foods that Adventists eat during celebrations or holidays? For example, birthday cake or turkey on thanksgiving?

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Hi Rebecca,

The quick answer is no, there are no special foods that are tied to holidays for Adventists.

A couple of observations beyond that. I've seen a few Adventist families who like to remember the Jewish roots of Christianity and the Sabbath make a special bread called Challah bread. Here's a little wiki info on it.

They are not trying to be Jewish but respectful of the ancient Hebrew heritage that Christians are rooted in. They sometimes light candles to bring in the Sabbath hours as well.

Probably most Adventists don't do this, but I've seen a few so I thought I would mention it.

The next thought is that many Adventists are vegetarians and so they may avoid certain foods, meat, maybe cheese, milk and eggs. I could guess and say about half of us are vegetarians and half not. I could be off some on that percentage but you get the idea.

Around Thanksgiving some of those vegetarians will get a product called Tofurky, a soybean kind of turkey roast substitute. I've never tried it but some enjoy it I hear.

And the vast majority of Adventists avoid pork and shellfish and other types of meats or fish that seem to be very good at scavenging for their existence. That is not a direct answer to your question, but I thought I would add it since it's kind of related.

Since you mentioned Thanksgiving, I'll tell you what it has been like at my house. Lot's of mashed potatoes and fixins, bread of some kind, corn, cranberry sauce, pasta like Lasanga or Enchiladas some times, a big salad, and some apple or cherry cider. My wife and daughter eat even healthier than that but I'll spare you the details.

Anyhow, enjoy the holidays and take the time to reflect on how good God has been to us and our country as you celebrate with food and friends.

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