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Dear Sal:

You claim Adam never kept the Sabbath but where is your proof? What evidence do you have? I don't see any in your answer only your statement. You just want to deny Sabbath keeping. Adam did keep the Sabbath.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Brother Danny:

I don't know to what answer of mine you are referring. Therefore, I cannot answer your charges particularly. I will answer you in a general way. If my answer doesn't address your particular concern just give me the link to the question you are referring to and I will be happy to tailor my answer to it.

I'm afraid you have things backwards. I don't have to prove that Adam didn't keep the Sabbath. The burden of proof is on you. I don't have to prove what the Bible doesn't say. If you believe Adam kept the Sabbath you must prove that the Bible says so. I am willing to listen to evidence from the Bible. I will admit that the Bible doesn't say, "Adam didn't keep the Sabbath." Therefore, I cannot prove to a biblical certainty that Adam didn't keep the Sabbath, but then I don't have to. The onus of proof is on those who claim that the Bible proves Adam kept the Sabbath. If I claim that the Apostles changed the Sabbath to Sunday I would be the one who is obligated to provide the biblical evidence for my claim. The positive statement must be proved not the negative. Since you made the positive statement that Adam kept the Sabbath, I await your biblical evidence.

Now with that said, let me offer a "mea culpa" (Latin: "my fault"). Your question made me realize that I have not been technically correct in saying that according to the Bible Adam never kept the Sabbath. Actually I do not know for certain whether or not Adam kept the Sabbath because the Bible is silent on the matter. By that I mean that the Bible doesn't say, "Adam kept the Sabbath" nor does it say, "Adam didn't keep the Sabbath." That doesn't mean that we cannot have an informed opinion. Those who favor the theory that Adam kept the Sabbath could bring forth Genesis 2:2-3 as evidence and those who favor the theory that Adam didn't keep the Sabbath could bring forth Nehemiah 9:13-14 for example. So to be more accurate I should say that according to what the Bible does reveal I conclude that Adam never kept the Sabbath.  

Thanks for the question.

Brother Sal  

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