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hello Sal,
I was reading an answer you gave a man named Henry regarding false prophets. The full question and answer is here:

You said the following to Henry in reference to Ellen White:
"If even one prophecy of a “prophet” can be shown to be false then that pretender is not a true prophet of God. Even if she should have 99 true prophecies and one untrue, it is the untrue that defines her as a false prophet."

This is true. I completely agree with you here. And now you said the following as an example "false prediction" that Ellen White gave and now you have defined her as a false prophet.

Here is what you said:
"EGW prophesied some persons at a meeting in Battle Creek, Michigan held on May 27, 1856 would be alive when Christ returned to earth. “I was shown the company present at the Conference. Said the angel: ‘Some food for worms, some subjects of the seven last plagues, some will be alive and remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus.' Solemn words were these spoken by the angel” (Testimonies, vol. 1, pp. 131-132). Please note the complete absence of any conditional statement. Also there is no implied condition for this prophecy either. It is a straightforward prophecy without any conditions. EGW said that she was told that some of the people at the Conference would be alive to witness Jesus' return. All those who attended the Conference have long since died. The prophecy was unconditional. Therefore, we must conclude based on the evidence that EGW is a false prophet."

I agree that this is a straightforward prophecy that has no conditions. Now the questions I would like to ask are:

1. Did this unconditional prophecy fulfill?
Answer: No, it has not been fulfilled - you are correct here.

2. Does this make her a false prophet?
Answer: An resounding NO.

You might be thinking I just admitted to this prediction as not being fulfilled.....YET.

IT WILL and here's why:
Those persons at that meeting in 1865 can be raised in the Special Resurrection. This is not the general resurrection that happens at the moment Jesus is in the sky and visible above the earth.

The special resurrection takes place sometime between the close of probation and just before Jesus appears in the sky during the time of trouble. And only those who have died in the faith after 1844 can be a part of that resurrection.

If you are interested I can post a small study on the subject to explain this resurrection.

You may reject the idea of a special resurrection as you pretty much reject anything of Adventism, but this is a doctrine of the church and this is how her words will be fulfilled. These persons can be raised in the special resurrection that happens before Jesus appears in the sky and this is how they will be alive to see Jesus come.

God Bless,

Dear Brother David:

Thank you for the very interesting explanation of this prophecy. However, I don't believe that is what the angel or Ellen White was referring to. I don't believe those reading the prophecy would think of that type of fulfillment. I believe Ellen White thought that some people at that meeting would not die because Jesus would return during their lifetimes. I don't see any evidence that the angel or Ellen White meant that they would be resurrected during a special resurrection.

Again, thank you for sharing your alternate explanation.

God Be With You,
Brother Sal  

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