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Dear Sal:

Your answer about JWs and SDAs was inaccurate on 3 points.
1. You said that some of Miller's followers sold their homes and all their belongings. There is no evidence of this.
2. You said that some of Miller's followers went insane and committed suicide. There is no evidence of this.
3. EGW never prophesied a date for the return of Jesus.

Thanks again,

Dear Brother Danny:

Thanks for expressing your concerns. However, there is much evidence to back my statements. For items #1 & #2 see the following: "Our First Century 1776-1876" p. 436 available @ Making of America (http// "The Miller Heresy, Millenialism and America Culture" by Ruth Alden Doan (Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1987).  "Millerism and Madness: A Study of Religious Insanity in 19th Century America" by Ron Numbers available @ The New England Journal of Medicine dated Feb. 12, 1845. "Effects of Millerism in Producing Insanity" ( Note: in order to read the entire article you must be a subscriber. "The Fruit of the 1844 Movement: Newspaper Articles about October 22, 1844" available @

You are correct that EGW did not predict an actual date (month, day, year) for the return of Jesus. However, it is well known that on June 27, 1850 EGW wrote that an angel told her that the time was almost finished and that the 7 last plagues were soon to be poured out. Therefore, what she had learned in years those just coming to "the truth" would only have a few months to learn because the time left was short before the decree to worship on Sunday (the Sunday Law) would be announced then Jesus would return (see Early Writings, pp. 64-67). Then in 1856 EGW claimed that an angel told her that some people at a conference would still be alive when Jesus returned (see Testimonies, vol. 1, pp. 131-132). Neither of these statements written by EGW came to past.

I hope this answer clarifies things for you.

God Bless You,

Brother Sal  

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