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Dear Patricia:

I am as SDA for only the past 3 years. I don't know how to approach this subject with others in the church. They don't seem open to discussion. I came across this quote of Ellen White.

"When the power of God testifies  as to what is truth, that truth is to stand forever as the truth. No after-suppositions contrary to the light God has given are to be entertained" (Manuscript Releases No. 760, page 18).

This sounds like Ellen White was saying that no one may question her statements if she said they came from God. It sound like she was a dictator. It sounds like she wanted people to blindly accept what she said. No complaints, no discussion. This makes the SDA church seem like a cult. This sounds like the Catholic Church and its Pope. I now have serious concerns about belonging to the SDA church.

What can you offer in this as a former SDA? I thought of Ellen White as a good Christian woman who received messages from God but now I have to wonder if she was really a messenger. Did the Apostles say never to question what they said? I don't think so. What direction can you give me, please help.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Loren,

Thank you so much for sharing your concerns and for reaching out to get your questions answered. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is guiding you and will give you peace.

I decided to do a search for the quote you provided to make sure I was answering it in context. Following is the entire paragraph penned by Ellen White taken from the White Estate website. There is more being said than meets the eye! She wrote…..

“I long daily to be able to do double duty. I have been pleading with the Lord for strength and wisdom to reproduce the writings of the witnesses who were confirmed in the faith in the early history of the message. After the passing of the time in 1844, they received the light and walked in the light, and when the men claiming to have new light would come in with their wonderful messages regarding various points of Scripture, we had, through the moving of the Holy Spirit, testimonies right to the point, which cut off the influence of such messages as Elder A. F. Ballenger has been devoting his time to presenting. This poor man has been working decidedly against the truth that the Holy Spirit has confirmed. When the power of God testifies as to what is truth, that truth is to stand forever as the truth. No after-suppositions contrary to the light God has given are to be entertained.” MR760 18.6

As I read the second sentence (underlined above), I wondered why she would be praying for wisdom to reproduce the writings of the early witnesses who were confirmed in the faith in the early history of the message?  As I continued to read, I discovered that she was not speaking of the early Apostles, Pentecost, the Bible or the Gospel message. She was referencing the men (along with herself) who founded the SDA church with its unique message and different gospel. She wanted to reproduce the doctrines, messages, and teachings of these men along with her visions to guide the people and protect them from the “heresy” of the “new light” that they believed was being presented by Elder Ballenger, who was also an SDA pastor.

I am sharing a link to Elder Ballinger's horror story ( so that you can see for yourself that the “new light” that Elder Ballenger was sharing with the SDA leadership and its members that she so adamantly opposed was indeed Bible truth. She lifted her writings above the Word of God and thus began the unChristlike pattern the SDA church still engages in today of dismissing employees who disagree with their "other" gospel.

SDA pastors continue to be fired and lose their hard earned pensions if they preach the real Gospel, which is salvation by grace through faith PLUS NOTHING else. Many brave pastors have decided to trust God and God alone by leaving because they have discovered the Gospel of Jesus and want to preach its Good News to hungry and misguided souls. The Bible Gospel lifts up Jesus and His FINISHED work for us. The SDAs preach another gospel, which is no gospel at all (salvation by grace through faith PLUS keeping the 7th day Sabbath and the Ten Commandments) as the Apostles warned against in Scripture. Their main focus is lifting up the Sabbath almost to the point of idolatry and perfect law keeping.

And yes Loren, you are correct. The SDA church is not to be challenged especially from within even though we are encouraged in Isaiah to come and reason together.

The reason EGW is not to be challenged is because she AND the Bible are considered to be an authoritative source of truth. The SDA church considers her a prophet on par with the Bible prophets and unfortunately when there is a contradiction with her and the Bible, she wins (except for a few independent thinkers such as yourself). When someone disagrees with their teachings, the unspoken rule is to keep it to yourself or else.

You mentioned that the church sounds cultic. Perhaps it sounds that way because it is. The only reason it is not listed as a cult in Walter Martin’s book, Kingdom of the Cults is because when he was questioning the SDA leadership about their beliefs to see if they are a cult, they misrepresented themselves by writing a book,  Questions On Doctrines (QOD). In this book they lied about their true beliefs on some key doctrines (the Sanctuary, the Investigative Judgment, etc.) in order to be listed among evangelical churches who preach the Bible Gospel. Questions On Doctrine , written in 1957 was the catalyst that commenced the gradual splitting of the church. SDAs who read it knew that it was not an honest writing of their basic foundational doctrines. Following is an example taken from Questions On Doctrine found at: to show you how they left out one of their key beliefs in reference to Ellen White:

"Seventh-day Adventists hold the Protestant position that the Bible and the Bible only is the sole rule of faith and practice for Christians. We believe that all theological beliefs must be measured by the living Word, judged by its truth, and whatsoever is unable to pass this test, or is found to be out of harmony with its message, is to be rejected."

"We are to receive God's word as supreme authority ." —Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 402.

(When you read Elder Ballenger's ordeal, please keep the above quotes in mind because you will find that Ellen White ignores her own declarations regarding the supremacy of the Bible.)

To provide you with the omission not found in QOD that was given to Walter Martin, following are their belief statements #1 and #18 as written in their 28 Fundamental Beliefs . They intentionally failed to share with Walter Martin that Ellen White is also an authoritative source of truth for them because evangelical churches believe in the authority of the Bible ONLY!.

  Holy Scriptures Z1
The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, are the written Word of God, given by divine inspiration through holy men of God who spoke and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. In this Word, God has committed to man the knowledge necessary for salvation. The Holy Scriptures are the infallible revelation of His will. They are the standard of character, the test of experience, the authoritative revealer of doctrines , and the trustworthy record of God’s acts in history. (2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Ps. 119:105; Prov. 30:5, 6; Isa. 8:20; John 17:17; 1 Thess. 2:13; Heb. 4:12.)

  The Gift of Prophecy Z18
One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy. This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and was manifested in the ministry of Ellen. G. White. As the Lord’s messenger, her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth which provide for the church comfort, guidance, instruction, and correction. They also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested. ( Joel 2:28, 29; Acts 2:14-21; Heb. 1:1-3; Rev. 12:17; 19:10.)

It is not my intent to overwhelm you with information overload, but you are reaching out and I want you to understand and make an intelligent decision about staying or leaving the SDA church. Perhaps after you read the above link with its attached documentation, you should allow your head to stop spinning and wait a few days before clicking on the link below.

I was brought into the SDA church as a child, went to their schools and had no idea I was being deliberately deceived. They are skilled at taking Scripture out of context, adding to Scripture, encouraging you to read only the books of their authors, inundating the SS lessons with EGWs commentary, piecing Scripture together to make it "fit" their unique teachings and applying laws and promises given only to Israel to themselves. They believe that they are modern Israel and as such, they are to obey the law perfectly -- thus succeeding where old Israel failed so miserably. I find the SDA church to be deliberately deceptive which is what hurt me the most when I, by God's grace, discovered it.

May God bless and keep you; May His face shine upon you and give you peace. I lift you in prayer as you continue in the study of His Word and may you have the courage to follow or stay wherever the Spirit leads you.  

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As a former Seventh-day Adventist (SDA), I have insight of value to those who are questioning and/or trying to decide if they should leave or become an SDA. It would be my privilege to discuss SDA church doctrine, structure, Ellen White, the old and new covenants, and their various beliefs. The Bible will be my main source of reference and all quotes, etc. will be documented. I understand that there are different variants of Adventists, but I am only familiar with what I would call traditional or main stream.


I was a Seventh-day Adventist for over 50 years. I attended their schools and I was always active in the churches I attended. I also worked for the denomination for 37 years. Since I was educated in their schools from Grade 1, and because what I was taught came from the Bible, I never questioned my beliefs. I considered myself as one whom the Lord had chosen to bring out of darkness into His marvelous light. In the year 2005, I became keenly aware that Ellen White contradicted the Scriptures numerous times and plagiarized some of her most popular writings. At this point, I had to seriously consider studying for myself with the aid of the Holy Spirit to see if indeed I really had the truth. Sad to say, I discovered that I was deluded and deliberately deceived by the church I loved and served. In 2010, I requested that my name be withdrawn from the membership roster of the church. Since then, it has been my passion to tell those in the SDA church and those considering joining Adventism, the truth and freedom that I have discovered and enjoy daily. I interact on Facebook with SDAs frequently regarding their beliefs and doctrines compared to the Bible. In addition to answering questions on this site, I have a blog ( and the purpose of my articles is to expose the false doctrines of the SDA church After 50 plus years of trying to 'work' my way, I have discovered the sweet rest in the finished work of my Savior. I've also discovered that there is nothing that I have ever done to make Jesus love me less and there is nothing that I can ever do to make Jesus love me more. Jesus just loves me and this I know!

M.A.O.M. degree (Master of Arts in Organizational Management). I also have a B.A.I.C. degree (Born Again in Christ). My calling is to help spread the Good News of the Gospel and to help lift the veil by sharing Jesus, Who is the Truth and the Light.

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