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QUESTION: brother Anthony thanks so much for the information on my previous questions. the question of the day today is women ordination. I see several bright lights warn against it. ive read the scripture backing their convictions. last Sabbath we received fliers called questions & answers, but it basically says its going to happen. GOD established headship in family and service. are we being swept along with the worlds views, fashion. etc. is the new testament telling us we [ all ] are the temple of H.S.- .. you [ all] submit your body a living sacrifice... and  was their only male sacrfices in O.T. but in N.T. neither male nor female. a lot to cover. been studyin ,above all resting in JESUS.this decision may affect many.. thanks so much, bro mike

ANSWER: Hello Mike,  I hope all has been well with you.  I have been notified that your question was submitted the 23rd and today is the first time it appeared in my email.  Sorry for the delay.  I have a friend in Michigan who has two step daughters and both became pastors in California churches.  I'm sure you know that the General Conference ruled against woman's ordination but some churches disregarded that ruling and ordained women as pastors anyway.  Ellen White wrote that the greatest danger to the church in these last days would not be from without but from within. The pattern in other churches (Episcopalian, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, etc.)   seems to go like this.  First women being ordained, then gay clergy.  Anyway Mike, I would like to write you back tomorrow because it's after midnight and I want to try to find a you-tube video to send to you by Pastor Bohr.  He does a good presentation concerning woman's ordination and I would like your comment on it.  I'll write you later on today and thanks for your patience, anthony     

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QUESTION: YES BROTHER ANTHONY VERY GOOD VIDEO, hadn't seen that one. will we follow WORD wherever HE leads or our own wordly tainted desires, but we do see it wasn't GODS will for Israel to have a king. HE did bless them through some of the kings, but ultimately through the process of time, WE HAVE NO KING SAVE CEASER.
not by might nor by power but by MY SPIRIT saith the LORD.

Anthony I see you have studied Greek, had someone whose been through seminary tell me adam was with eve but didn't speek up, cause it says she gave to her husband with her, and that's the blessing of having education, understanding Greek. as soon as she said it I know it doesn't jive with sop or the bible. but I can see if they can cast doubt on the headship GOD established in beginning, we see everything that GOD established in genesis is flipped and countered , GOD created, marriage, Sabbath, diet, after fall, headship. I was searching for info after we droped this sister off after church, and found, tlogical website , seems to be right on. have you heard of this web site ?

had another elder teaching that eve was perfect she should have been able to go anywhere she wanted, some of sister whites stuff is time related . I understand hes saying our wifes today don't haft to be with us 24/7 but eve was warned not to separate, and adam should have been more aware, I think sometimes we get moved off the mark by others\peers and really we must study everything in its totality of scripture. even for me today their are places I don't need to be without my wife, I know GOD can keep me, but I must guard against presumption. those little compromises for david added up and he became vulnerable, to the point of bold faced premeditated murder.
so many times we bring our opinions into church. I think that's why CHRIST JESUS was always saying, how readest thou, thus sayth the LORD , continually pointing us to the WORD, that's our only safe guard . like you brother Anthony, thanks for directing our questions to scripture. please excuse my rambling ,
the question for is where was adam when eve sinned,
whats your take brother? thanks so much bro mike philippians 4:19& colossians 1:27

I'm going to try to send you an 8 minute video and at the end they ask for you participate in a survey concerning your thoughts.  I hope you find it interesting.  So I'll write you in a day or two and may the Lord continue to bless you as you walk with Him.  Your friend and brother, anthony

Mike try to paste this in your browser.  Maybe you've already seen it, thanks  

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