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You claim the Ten Commandments are taken away with the Old Covenant. You say this b/c you believe the Ten Commandments were the Old Covenant. But the Ten are not the Old Covenant. Heb 8:13 says  "In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away." The first covenant is taken away by the New Covenant, but not the Ten. The Ten are God's moral law which cannot be taken away therefore the Ten cannot possibly be the covenant that was taken away.

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Dear Brother Mike:

It amazes me that so clear a biblical statement as the Ten Commandments are the Old Covenant can be so difficult for SDAs to accept.

"Then the LORD spoke to you from the midst of the fire; you heard the sound of words, but you saw no form—only a voice.  So He declared to you His covenant which He commanded you to perform, that is, the Ten Commandments; and He wrote them on two tablets of stone" (Deuteronomy 4:12-13 NASB).

I believe that this serves to show how blinding a closed mind can be. There is no doubt to the unbiased open mind that the Ten Commandments are the  Old Covenant.  "So He declared to you His covenant which He commanded you to perform, that is, the Ten Commandments; and He wrote them on two tablets of stone." Paul noted this same blindness among the unbelieving Jews.

"But their minds were blinded. For until this day the same veil remains unlifted in the reading of the Old Testament, because the veil is taken away in Christ.  But even to this day, when Moses is read, a veil lies on their heart" (2 Corinthians 3:14-15 NKJV).

While no passage can be any clearer then Deuteronomy 4:12-13 that the Ten Commandments are the Old Covenant, Deuteronomy chapter 9 reiterates that the Ten Commandments, the tablets of stone, are the Old Covenant.

"When I went up on the mountain to receive the tablets of stone, the tablets of the covenant that the LORD had made with you, I stayed on the mountain forty days and forty nights; I ate no bread and drank no water. The LORD gave me two stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God. On them were all the commandments the LORD proclaimed to you on the mountain out of the fire, on the day of the assembly. At the end of the forty days and forty nights, the LORD gave me the two stone tablets, the tablets of the covenant... So I turned and went down from the mountain while it was ablaze with fire. And the two tablets of the covenant were in my hands" (Deuteronomy 9:9-11, 15 NIV).

You need to stop believing that which is demonstrably unbiblical. In deed your belief that the Ten Commandments are not the Old Covenant is the exact opposite of what the Bible actually teaches. So swallow your pride and accept what the Bible clearly teaches, i.e., that the Ten Commandments were the Old Covenant. " So He declared to you His covenant which He commanded you to perform, that is, the Ten Commandments; and He wrote them on two tablets of stone."

You mention Hebrews 8:13 which is a clear passage that the first or Old Covenant is ready to vanish away or become obsolete. You don't think that this covenant includes the Ten Commandments. What does the Bible teach? Paul continues his thought into chapter 9 where he lists some of the things belonging to the obsolete Old Covenant: "the tablets of the covenant" (v. 4). So once again the Bible states that the Ten Commandments belong to the Old Covenant. The same covenant that you admit has been taken away.  

Thank you for sharing your comments.

Brother Sal  

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