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QUESTION: Marty, Can The prophecies of Daniel be susceptible to multiple fulfillments?

ANSWER: There is a school of thought that says yes. Like prophecies in Matthew about the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The context makes it feel like a dual fulfillment prophecy, then and again at the end of time.

But you'll have to look for a while before you can find an Adventist scholar that would agree with dual fulfillment in the book of Daniel, or Revelation either. I know of a few. I know a few more who think there is no last day fulfillment, that those things took place in the early centuries a after Christ. And then there a few who believe that the vast majority of Apocalyptic prophecy is still in the future.

To nail down the chapters in Daniel to one fulfillment at one time is probably not the most careful scholarship. But to see dual fulfillment for the entire book as a whole would be unreasonable. For the traditional Adventist views on Daniel and Revelation, look for the two books by Maxwell, God Cares, Daniel and Revelation.

But your studies will lead you to deeper understandings of Apocalyptic prophecy, above and beyond Daniel. Not all of Daniel is Apocalyptic, some is Grand Sweep Historic prophecy like chapter two. Other parts are historic, about the stories of Daniel and his friends in Babylon. All that to say that the book has different genres that require different and contextual understanding.

Get a little more specific in your follow up and maybe I can be a little more specific as to yes or no in answering your question.

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QUESTION: So I guess in general it is not which I agree but there is the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD which really thought that for a loop if you are trying to establishes some guidelines or rules of interpretation.  For those books you recommended is that Graham Maxwell?


Mervin Maxwell, Grahm's brother. Deceased now.

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QUESTION: Wonderful- Does Mervin share a similar view on God's Character as Graham?
 Also does he have some guidelines of interpretation in those books - if not can you recommend one? or do you know if the SDA have a guideline for prophecy interpretation?

I spelled his name wrong, sorry. It's Mervyn I believe. His brother Graham has a somewhat unique view of God's character. I'm sure Mervyn had some sympathy for his brothers view, I even asked him about it one time at length. But he disagreed with some of it I believe. As for Grahm's view, I suspect he is a bit hard to pin down on some points, even though there are a lot of cassette tapes around of his Sabbath School and class lectures. He had a particular view of God that he does not kill, although Grahm might take exception to that characterization. And some suggest that his view of the Atonement is not right. I think some of his fans might be more vocal about it than he was.

As for books on hermeneutics or the science of interpretation of Scripture, it basically started with William Miller himself. He laid out a list of reasons for his hermeneutic for interpreting Scripture, especially Daniel.

Current books, honestly I'm not up on current ones. But the Biblical Research institute for our church would be a good place to start.

There's a lot of stuff there. Take your time and look over the papers on prophecy subjects. I think they will be under materials, and prophecy.

Here's a link to an article about Hermeneutics. From George Read, who I took a class or two from.

And here is one from Dick Davidson, who I also had the pleasure of taking an Old Testament class from.,%20Biblical/interpret

Start with those and see what interests you. Blessings.

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