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I have heard that the Papacy uprooted three horns, it removed three kingdoms.

Heruli 493AD
Vandals 534AD
Ostrogoths 538AD

Here is the problem if you look into history the Ostrogoths were not uprooted by year 538 but rather in 555AD.

I was told the third horn was actually the rugians, I also came across a web site that goes into much detail on the rugians been third horn. Here is the link

Go to part 5 in link above

Was Ellen White wrong or what is happening here? Did the papacy really uproot three horns? A

Dear Brett, thanks for your question and comments.  You ended with the question ďWas Ellen White wrong or what is happening here?Ē  I donít know which writing you are referring to because she wrote much on the subject in numerous books, letters, pamphlets, etc. but in my opinion she is not wrong.  I  donít say this because some church or  minister or pastor told me so but because Iíve read enough of her writings and have found out for myself that her writings while in the office of prophet are completely accurate and reliable. If you go into any subject with doubt and begin to research it with the express goal of finding evidence for your doubt then you will find that evidence every time.  Donít you know that the devil and his agents are always available to present error and doubt concerning the things of God?  You mention that you found a website that goes into detailÖÖ  Well Brett you can find a website that goes into detail about how the moon is made of cream cheese.  Where ever there is truth you will find counterfeit truth.  Letís look at the problem of the Ostrogoths you mention.  Every history book mentions them in the Gothic wars which lasted from 535 to 554.  There were three devastating defeats of that empire during this time and depending on what source you enquire from you will find that in the almost 20 year war you have 20 opinions on when this empire became uprooted.  Besides that you have credit for their destruction going to Leo I in 460.  The same with the other kingdoms.  For instance the Heruli were defeated in 265, then again in 269 by Rome and again in 508 by the Lombards.  So when were they really uprooted?  The same with the Vandals.  Were they uprooted in 534 by the army commander Belisarius or were they  uprooted in 496 by the North African tribe known as the Berbers.  Incidentally if you go on Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia you will find numerous dates for the end of these kingdoms each with strong arguments for their validity.   So who can you believe since there is no one alive for over 1500 years that was actually there and can give you the exact time?  I guess it comes down to faith.  So since there is so much conflict in history books as to the precise dating and since there is no one alive today that was there then you have to do the next best thing.  You go to the source book of truth, the Bible.  You diligently study the longest time prophecy in the Bible, the 2300 day/year prophecy found in Daniel.  You trace the rise and fall of kingdoms, the birth, ministry and death of Christ, the gospel message going to the Gentiles, the transition of pagan Rome to Papal Rome and the rise of the little horn, the deadly wound of that little horn and its rise again to power.  You discover the sanctuary truths and what is going on even now in heaven.  By the way Brett, the judgment in going on right now in heaven and the books are under investigation concerning every individual who has ever lived on this planet.  I guess what Iím hoping is that you donít get so caught up in trying to figure out or disprove historical dates that you forget about the most important thing, your salvation and where you will spend eternity.  The devil is great at sidetracking minds and causing them to focus on nonessentials and neglecting the most important things in life.  As you continue your studies please remember to pray and ask the Lord to guide you into truth.  He will you know because He loves you very much.  Thanks for sharing your comments and may the Lord bless you as you seek Him.  Your friend and brother, anthony  

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