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Hi, I am a youth and I take part in christian activities  and discussions in my area,one of which has brought an issue especially since it directly collides with the lifestyle that most youths are living.
Biblically fornication is a sexual sin. however,how are we to  answer and Biblically defend the issues I have listed below? would you please,kindly explain to what the Bible says about it? :
1. Does God fully forgive those who repent of it?
should those who fornicate just marry as a result of having already become one through intercourse irrespective of their willingness?
2. Can one get married to a different person later in life or are they to remain celibate ?
3. in what ways does fornication affect marriage later when those who take part in it get married? are their marriages (to different or the same people with whom they indulged) hopefully or how hopeless are they?
4. what are the differences in the consequences for ladies and gentlemen ?
5. How would you advice a youth who has taken part in fornication to live in his/her new life in Christ  so as to make the spirit of sexual sins flee(especially as they  mingle with non believers in their daily activities)?

Dear Betty, thanks for your question and I am happy that you have an interest in Christian activities.  Today this is rare among young people.  Whatever the majority of young people are doing today, just you don’t be a part of it.  The way you answer and defend the issues is by your example.  No matter what you say or how eloquent you put it your actions are going to speak louder.  The forces of evil work especially on the younger generation and it is most difficult for the youth whether due to hormonal activity, lack of mature thinking or any number of other reasons and the devil knows this.  But fortunately we have a Savior who understands all this and is always nearby to help in times of trouble.  Betty, since you numbered your questions I hope you don’t mind if I just go down the list and make some suggestions for you to consider.  This helps me much because it means less typing and I’m not the fastest typist.  Anyway you know the answer to number 1.  John 6:37 says him (or her) that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.  See that old English word “no wise.” It means no way, no how, it just ain’t happening.  You come to Jesus and He accepts you, He forgives you and once confessed and forgiven it no longer even enters into God’s mind.  Jesus is your friend and He loves you.  You confess your sin and He forgives your sin.  Of course you know that this does not mean, “well I can just keep sinning because Jesus is going to forgive me.”  David prayed, “Keep me from willful sin.”  The second part of the question is a big no.  Just because a person falls into temptation it doesn’t make it any better by getting married.  You are just making the problem worst.  Remember that your whole life ahead of you shouldn’t be determined by a brief moment of passion.  When Jesus forgave the adulterous woman He said go and sin no more.  Number 2.  Yes, why shouldn’t you be able to get married to another person later on in life.  When God forgives you, you are forgiven and He remembers that sin no more.  The problem most people have is that they don’t forgive themselves and keep bringing that sin to mind wondering if they are really forgiven and clean as if they never sinned.  When people do that they dishonor God by not believing His words.  Scripture says it is impossible for God to lie so when He says you are forgiven believe in and don’t wonder if you’re really forgiven or maybe forgiveness is for others but not you or maybe it didn’t work on me, etc.  Believe God at His word.  Moving right along to number 3.  First off, studies have shown those engaging in premarital sex are over fifty percent more likely to divorce later on.  This is equal to tossing a coin on whether you will remain married.  However this did not take God into account.  Whether with the same person or someone different doesn’t much matter.  What matters is that you seek forgiveness and turn from that sin.  Remember the words of Jesus when He said to Mary “where are your accusers? Doth any man condemn thee?  She said, “no man Lord”.  Jesus said, “neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.”  Totally clean and forgiven as if it never happened.  Number 4.  Spiritually the consequences are the same.  Physically though, the woman can be left “holding the bag” if you know what I mean.  Number 5.   If you find yourself mingling with non-believers don’t find yourself alone with that person and invite temptation.  As far as having had a part in that sin if you asked forgiveness and were sincere then put that behind you and don’t dwell on it.  Paul gave good advice in Philippians 3:13, 14.  He done some pretty nasty things in his life like we all have done but his advice is “this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before.  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Okay my young sister now it can all be summed up with the first few verses of John 15 concerning the story of the vine and the branches.  Jesus is the Vine and we as the branches are to abide in Him because without Him we can do nothing.  The branch must abide in the vine or it soon withers and dies.  So we must abide in Christ.  The abiding is not weekly or even daily but must be constant.  This is the secret to the successful Christian life.  It may sound difficult but don’t worry because the Lord loves you and will be right by your side to see you through.  You abide in Christ and don’t be fighting the sin.  Your job is to abide in Christ and then He fights the sin.  Also remember another of Paul’s words of advice about beholding.  He said “by beholding we are changed.”  Whatever you keep looking at whether it is good or bad, that is what you eventually become.  Betty thanks for writing and sharing and you stick close to the Lord and everything will be just fine.  Maybe we’ll talk again and if not we will meet someday in His kingdom.  The Lord bless you as you continue to seek Him.  Your friend, anthony  

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