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Warrior for God wrote at 2007-08-25 18:36:22
All hospitals perform abortions. That dosen't mean that the church promotes the decison of the hospital administrators.

Evans MACHERA wrote at 2008-05-01 17:29:55
>As a youth leader in my college days(public university),i presented the topic of abortion to my church-fellow Bible class students who responded differently.

>While some asked me why i chose such a topic,some walked away,some chose to watch the 'silently as as others shouted at their highest voice possible that SDA's don't practice abortion.      

>At the end,a class of about 35 students was reduced to 15 members where arguments for abortion were that due to sin,if a woman conceives out of incest,rape or deformity,one can make the choice of aborting.

Against this view is that a child conceived is a creation of God and thus,one cannot kill as it is against God's will-commandments.

>Though the Bible does not address some issues directly,we learn from the same bible of Gods will.We also learn morals from the society of what is good and bad while God speaks to us diretly in situations that have difficult choices.

Kelly wrote at 2013-03-09 16:09:08
Dear Donavon and Sal,

SDA hospitals do perform abortions and while they would like you tho think it is only for "special cases", it is elective and on demand and all the way up to the delivery date.  The church would have you to believe it is for freedom of choice, but you can not exercise your freedom of choice to eat a ham sandwich in the cafeteria as pork is not permitted in the hospitals.  It is I'm afraid about money that abortions are provided.  

Very sorry to say, being an Adventist myself.

Sincerely, Kelly

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