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Nivea wrote at 2010-03-20 03:38:04
Excuse Sal...

But where did you read that  Ellen G. White. The SDA church would probably say that if the one that committed suicide had kept the Sabbath he would be forgiven, but if he didn't keep the Sabbath he would not be forgiven? please, let me know in which book did you read this. Because quite frankly, I've never heard or read such thing.  

Joel Banday wrote at 2013-06-20 01:06:39
We are saved by faith and not by work. Don't judge the suicide victims, it is only God knowns what is best for them. What we only know that the unpardonable sin is the sin against the Holy Spirit and suicide is not a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Jon wrote at 2013-07-27 14:16:08
Anyone who BELIEVES in JESUS CHRIST will be redeemed regardless of which sin he/she has committed. Suicide is not an UNFORGIVABLE SIN! Blasphemy against the holy spirit is an unforgivable sin -- that is, rejecting Christ's salvation.

However, if a person commits suicide and doesn't accept Jesus Christ as his savior. He/she has done nothing but to expedite his journey into hell.

HOWEVER, if a person accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior and commits suicide, then that sin is already covered in Christ's blood.

Seventh Day Adventist is NOT the TRUE church. They're the new age pharisee. Ellen White is the false prophet. She mis-predicted Christ's return -- GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES -- ELLEN WHITE DID! Hence the false prophet.

Keep in mind, SDA literally thought the 144,000 refers to Seventh Day Adventist and they were wrong. 144,000 refers to Israel, group of tribes from Israel.

And also, keeping the Sabbath is NOT a requirement for Salvation -- the bible made it very clear (John 3:16) and we are no longer bound by the law -- Jesus Christ already nailed that legal requirement on the cross. Feel the joy? Yup, I was abused by my Uncle -- Roger Windover -- a Seventh Day hegemony -- and he forced me to keep the Sabbath as a part of salvation requirement. He's a wicked man, yet, I am required to forgive him as commanded by Christ. He hardened his heart because of Satan's influence. He got greedy. He stole my benefits check and bought many cars hidden in his garage. He stole money from the church via yellow pencil box. He kept his disguise as a christian -- wolf in sheep's clothing. But God doesn't judge a man from his outwardly apparent, but what goes inside his heart regarding if he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

I am preaching this to you. No, suicide is a forgivable sin as long a person accepted Christ as his personal savior. Seventh Day Adventist got this upside down. That will be their downfall. Sure, they can keep the Sabbath if they wanted to, but that's not the legal requirement to enter heaven.

hopeful wrote at 2014-10-08 18:57:27
Sal please stick to nutrition.   You not only did not answer the question but you, in your rabidly zealous desire to discredit SDA's, you missed the most critical part of the question.  I will gladly fill in for you... dear inquisitive one, do not worry about what any pastor priest monk reverend nun yogi or yahoo tells you about suicide being an unforgivable sin.  Most 'christian' religions will say so, and then turn around and tell you that God is all loving and forgiving.  Which he is, undoubtedly.  These theologies are very archaic in their process in having you believe that God is involved in our day to day. He is not if he were we would be complete automatons without free will and choice.  God will not punish someone so forlorn and distraught by something they cannot control. Depression that is purely physiological and medically palpable is not the same as depression for someone who has raped and killed and now wants to have a conscious about their life. Christians love to use King Saul as an example and that not a fair comparison to someone whose ill.  I hope this helps you.  Love your "brother" and say your prayers.  God bless you and you too Sal

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