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denicando wrote at 2010-05-30 17:53:28
Hello  I think i have purchased your machine, or one with the some problem....I took off the plate below the selector knob and noticed that the wheel to power the bobbin winder was disintegrated and was only 1/3 there...maybe the rest are clogging the works??

   Peace, Denis

dinydeek wrote at 2010-06-20 12:49:06

I just brought an Orange Lydia 3 544 home myself and the stitch selector dial was stiff.  It just needs a good oiling and gently working the knob until it changes stitches easily.  Also, the camstack is notorious for having cracks which may interfere with your stitches.  Many folks absolutely are nuts for all Italian made Necchi's, I find them far more forgiving and better stitch quality then other brands.  

The Lydia was the only one(or one of very few) Where Necchi Italian used plastic- Older Necchi's are adored because of their all metal construction.  Supernova's are most common and are a joy to stitch with.

velvetlady wrote at 2013-01-18 17:55:21
Help! Having problem with necchi lydia 3 544 in that the machine sews as soon as I plug it in and switch on, even without the pedal being attached! Any ideas?  


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