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Sewing/Hand will not locking


I have a Singer Slant O Matic 500. I loosened the hand wheel to load a bobbin and that all went well. Then when I tried to turn the hand wheel in opposite directions to tighten it up again it would not tighten.

Hi Debby...What happened was the inside washer was place on wrong when it was last replaced...There is a small wheel with a screw in the middle of the big hand will have to loosen the screw and remove the small you will see a washer with 2 small guides on the you remove the washer notice the guides and the shaft has guides cut out for the washer to go in.
there is 4 ways to place the washer on the shaft and only one way works properly. Also notice the washer is beveled out on one side...the round or mound side should face out and when you screw the small wheel back on there should be at least a 1/4 inch space so you can loosen the screw next time.

If I miscommunication the direction of the washer just flip it over and try that I said before there is only one way it will work right...

I hope you can get back to sewing quickly if I made it clear patient and keep it simple is the best policy...



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Norman Roy


Depending on the mechanical knowledge off owner, I can answer just about any question they ask. One lady asked about her feed dogs not going back up, some machines will not go back up unless you turn the wheel over, (start sewing). It sounds simple but sometimes you never think of it.


I've been servicing sewing machines since 1989, I still service machines for Northwestern Ontario Canada. It is a large area with little or no service people and I can usually tell on the phone if it can be fixed by the owner.

I took a 2 year apprentice course with a dealer who was looking to teach and hire. I worked for him for 8 years before moving up to the Northwest, Red Lake area of Ontario.

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