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I have a standard double flat sheet  81"x 96".  The depth of mattress is 6".
What size would I cut out my square for each corner?? Would it be 14".
Measuring for a Fitted Sheet:
1. Measure the length of the mattress (L).
2.Measure the width of the mattress (W).
3.Measure the depth of the mattress (D).
4.Amount of fabric for tuck in + hems = 8" (20 cms) (T).
5.Length of fabric = L + (2 x D) + (2 x T).
6.Width of fabric = W + (2 x D) + (2 x T).

Making a Fitted Sheet:
1. Cut the fabric to the required size.
2.From each corner measure D + T and mark.
3.Measure the same distance at right angles to these marks to form a square and mark.
4.Cut out the squares leaving 0.5" (12 mm) seam allowance.
5. With the right sides together, pin and stitch the cut edges together.
6.Neaten the edges of these seams by overlocking or zig zag stitch.
7.With the wrong side facing, turn up a double 0.5" (12 mm) hem all round the sheet and pin.
8.Measure 8" (20 cms) along each side from each corner and mark.
9.Stitch the hem leaving a 1" (2.5 cms) gap at each of these marks.
10. Thread the elastic in through one gap, around the corner and out
11.Pull the elastic taut to gather the corner.
12.Stitch the gaps in the hem securing the ends of the elastic in the stitches.
13.Trim off the excess elastic.
Thank you B.

Thank You B

Are you doing this for a client or for yourself?

If it is for yourself then simple lay the fabric over the mattress to come up with the measurement you need. It can be that simple and there is no need to do all this planning to not have it correct.

I know personally I like to fit my fabric to my projects when ever possible.

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