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Sewing/Value of Pfaff sewing machine.


Hans wrote at 2013-08-05 01:10:44
These can be had on eBay for as little as 60 if you're lucky and there are more of them than people might imagine. I have one I got for 50 (in Europe) in a cabinet with lots of additional tools. It is not an industrial machine, just a well-built one that was popularly used for tailoring and home-businesses between the 1920s-1950s - the 130's production period. The later 130s had a nylon gear built into the zig-zag mechanism.

It won't handle saddle making; the presser foot won't raise high enough for a start and the machine would skip stitches at that thickness. Lots of dealers make claims about this machine that misrepresent it.

If your machine is in very good condition: good working order, very clean, well polished chrome/nickel parts, then it can go for up to 300 - maybe more to the right bidder. Other examples go from anything between 40-100 (adjusted for whatever your currency is).


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Norman Roy


Depending on the mechanical knowledge off owner, I can answer just about any question they ask. One lady asked about her feed dogs not going back up, some machines will not go back up unless you turn the wheel over, (start sewing). It sounds simple but sometimes you never think of it.


I've been servicing sewing machines since 1989, I still service machines for Northwestern Ontario Canada. It is a large area with little or no service people and I can usually tell on the phone if it can be fixed by the owner.

I took a 2 year apprentice course with a dealer who was looking to teach and hire. I worked for him for 8 years before moving up to the Northwest, Red Lake area of Ontario.

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