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QUESTION: Hi there,
I'm making relaxed roman shade valances. They'll be stationary. Should I use tape or rings for the section that needs to be drawn up? How do I space the rings from the side hems? Also what can I do to keep the center from "caving" in.

ANSWER: Good morning

I hope I can answer your question

A relaxed roman shade valance is not a working shade and it does not even have to have rings on the back.

There are several ways to make this, so the center does not cave in.

What size is this going to be?
Is it being mounted on a board?
Inside or outside mount?

Also if you can upload a photo of what you are referring to, I will know we are talking about the same thing.

Thanks so much
Karen Erickson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The ones I'm making are going to be about 43 inches wide and have a finished length of 20 inches in the center, will be mounted on a board, and have an outside mount.
This is what I'd like to do...


Without seeing the back I would say the edges of the relaxed roman has rings on the back side that are clipped together with a split ring in the back to keep the pleats in.

If the shade were working, you would be having it go up and down, we would recommend that you have 4 rows of rings on the back to pull up and down. If you do not want the shade to droop in the center I would also use 4 rows of rings on the back and clip them up with the split rings.

I hope that makes sense and that I have helped.

Karen Erickson


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