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Sewing/Trouble shooting older sewing machine


I recently inherited my Grandma's older sewing machine. It is a Dial N Sew, model no. 316. There's no manual and I'm having trouble finding any information about it. My mother in law looked at it and we got it threaded (with new thread and needles), I believe correctly, but it will go about 10-15 stitches and the upper thread breaks. We tried different threads and needles, but it continues to happen. Any idea what could be causing this?
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Hi Jenna...sorry it took so long answering , I work 12 hr shifts and don't always get a chance to check my mail...This sounds like slivers on the hook and needle plate...Go to your nearest hardware store and buy some grey # 400 sand paper...sand the needle plate around and in the remove the bottom hook that catches the thread making sure you can see how it goes back in...sand the tip lightly and run you fingers all around to feel for other sliver or rough spot anywhere on the hook casing and sand if it needs it.

Keep it simple is your best policy when looking for a problem...happy sewing.



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Depending on the mechanical knowledge off owner, I can answer just about any question they ask. One lady asked about her feed dogs not going back up, some machines will not go back up unless you turn the wheel over, (start sewing). It sounds simple but sometimes you never think of it.


I've been servicing sewing machines since 1989, I still service machines for Northwestern Ontario Canada. It is a large area with little or no service people and I can usually tell on the phone if it can be fixed by the owner.

I took a 2 year apprentice course with a dealer who was looking to teach and hire. I worked for him for 8 years before moving up to the Northwest, Red Lake area of Ontario.

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