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Sewing/nelco deluxe model 5102fs


I received this sewing machine from a friend of mine, the machine was stored away for about 5 years. I opened the machine & it was full of lint, strings etc. I was reading the instructions on the cleaning & oiling of the machine before I started doing any sewing, the instructions show to oil on the top of the machine, well the top of the machine is screwed on there pretty tightly & I'm really afraid to unscrew the top off the machine, where exactly do I need to oil this machine? thank you so much for your help.

This really  isn't a sewing question .   You might want to call a local sewing machine repair business and get
It  serviced properly.  Usually I always opened the left side piece from the take up lever and down.then I oil the mechanisms
Inside.  Some machines have screw holes on the top of the machine that you can unscrew and oil.   Lastly would be the
Bobbin area underneath and  the bobbin oil ...but every machine is different and if its so old that you can't unscrew it
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