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Sewing/janome skipped stitches


I have a Janome 4618LE that is skipping stitches when sewing more than 2 layers of fabric.  I know the needle and tensions are good.  What baffles me is that it's not only on thick material but also on shirt weight blends, etc.  It sews fine on 2 layers but if I fold those 2 layers into more layers, it will not make a stitch until past that area and then sews again.  It is not the usual issue one has when sewing across hems and seams in jeans and other thick difficult to sew projects.  Can the timing cause this?  I can usually correct most issues if it's not anything too major, but I don't know where to start with this machine.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

First I would ask if you are using a blend thread like Koban, Janome would tell you to use Gutermann or another good brand like Ackerman. I know there are other good brands out there. Blend thread tend to be inconsistent and cause problems and Janome will not even look at your machine if that is the case. If not check the hook and needle plate for roughness and sand down with a #400 gray sand paper. I would do this before getting it serviced.I'm not sure what size of needle you have but I would use a size 14 to 16 universal needle when sewing thicker material, or a stretch needle which brings the thread closer to the hook.If it needs timing you will have to bring it to a dealer.

I hope this has helped you get going again.


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Depending on the mechanical knowledge off owner, I can answer just about any question they ask. One lady asked about her feed dogs not going back up, some machines will not go back up unless you turn the wheel over, (start sewing). It sounds simple but sometimes you never think of it.


I've been servicing sewing machines since 1989, I still service machines for Northwestern Ontario Canada. It is a large area with little or no service people and I can usually tell on the phone if it can be fixed by the owner.

I took a 2 year apprentice course with a dealer who was looking to teach and hire. I worked for him for 8 years before moving up to the Northwest, Red Lake area of Ontario.

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