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Sewing/altering side seam of pants


These are men's pants with a slanted pocket not even with the side seam.  I would need to take the waist and side seam in 2" (total) on each side.  What would you suggest or is this too much of an alteration for the pants to look good?

Hi Jeanette,

It's hard to say whether or not that much of an alteration would work on your pants. It would depend on the size of the pants (larger pants would be able to handle a larger alteration), and the style as well.

Generally speaking, if you're looking to take in 2" on each side, you'd be better off spreading out the alteration to other seams, if possible. For example, you could take in 1" on the outside seam, and 1" on the inseam. Or you could take in the centre back seam along with the side seams. That way, the alterations would look more natural, and you wouldn't have to worry about losing any of the design details.

If you are looking to only take in the side seams, because of the uneven pockets, then maybe try a basting stitch first to see how the pants look with such an alteration. A basting stitch is when you sew using the longest stitch your sewing machine offers, or a long hand stitch, so that you can more easily remove the stitches afterward.

Best of luck!



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