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Please watch this video by you tube. Please tell me if the size she is cutting out will do our standard pillow 20"x26".
I understand she is in the UK. I like her
You tube ----
How to make a Pillow Case-Quilting Tips&Techniques. Gourmet Quilter
Thank you Brenda

Hi Brenda,

This is a very clever method for sewing a pillow!

According to my research, the standard UK pillow case measures 19 x 29" which would be too narrow for your 20 x 26" pillow. In the tutorial, she says that the two fabric pieces measure 19.5 x 33" and 19.5 x 36" respectively. Pillow cases are usually 2" wider than the pillow, and for this type of pillowcase, roughly 1" longer.

You will want to add 3" to the width (the 19.5" measurement), but keep the lengthwise measurements the same. So that means that you'll be cutting two pieces of fabric, one that measures W22.5 x L32" and the other piece would measure W22.5 x L35".

As long as you measure and cut properly, and use a 1/4" seam allowance when you sew, your pillow case should fit your pillow!

Happy sewing!



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