Sex Addictions/mid life crisis


Aurang Zeb wrote at 2015-03-24 05:03:13
Dear brother,

Pls spend your free time in search of God... Get close to your God....

Think about your children career.

this will give you best relief in rest of your life...


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Betty Bryant


Sex Addictions, Relationships, Infidelity. Please note that I will only answer questions pertaining to sexual addiction or infidelity and how these issues affect relationships. I will not answer questions about sex in general as that is outside my area of expertise.


I've researched numerous topics related to relationship issues and have experienced the pain of betrayal myself. I feel that I can reach out and help others who've experienced the pain resulting from sexual addiction and infidelity issues and offer advice.

I majored in pre-medicine and had a minor in psychology. I worked as a professional writer and designer for 7 years, specializing in romance/relationship issues.

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