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My name is ashley and i am a college student. I have a tongue ring and i would like to know how do you improve your "head game".
I currently know you can wiggle your tongue on the guys dick for pleasure but how else can u do it?

This is one of those questions where a feller gets a little flush just trying to explain it....but I'll try.  Kudos to you for caring enough about perfecting your skills.

First and most important, where you "wiggle" it is far more important than how you wiggle it.  It is little known, but everything a girl feels, is the same for a guy.  When we are transitioning to whatever gender we are destined to be, our um stuff changes accordingly, but its the same.  Think of what would feel good for a guy (or girl) to do to you orally and keep the following in mind:
Your labia/lips are the equivalent of our balls;
Your chamber is our shaft;
but MOST IMPORTANTLY, your clit is right where the head meets the shaft on the underside.  In other words, if the dick is sticking straight out, right where the shaft meets the head there is a small excess of skin that is full of nerves that would be facing the ground.

Here's what to remember, if a girl (we'll call it a girl for the sake of keeping this interesting) licked your clit non-stop, it would feel amazing, no?  BUT if a girl licked it while massaging you inside, you would cum in no time, yes?  Same with us.  Focus the ring on that one part while FIRMLY stroking the rest with one hand, play with the balls with the other.  Ohh yeah, do this and wear some goggles cause it's going to be quick!

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