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I recently started dating this girl for a couple weeks now and it has been great. We started having sex more casually and it has been great with the exception of one problem; I haven't been able to climax. We would literally go on for 2 hours and I wouldn't feel any sign of an orgasm. My answer was that when I used to masturbate I would do it in a twisting motion instead of an up and down motion? Is that the reason why? If there are any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

Is she loose?  I don't meant that in a bad way, it's just not all girls have the same diameter and sometimes that OR her amount of lubrication eliminates the friction needed to make you climax.  If both are good your only option is to teach her.  She may get embarrassed at first so you may instructor as a "hey, try doing this".  If it's working, MAKE SURE she knows you're liking it.

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