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I am 26 years old as of November. I have hardly ever had trouble getting an erection. I always have strong morning wood every morning and in middle of night. I usually have erections at uncalled for times during the day, such as when I kiss my gf or random touching over clothes. I have always been very sexual and am usually always ready for sex with her. I have dated my gf off and on for about 8 years and had intercourse with her on and off during those years. Recently, I have had some minimal trouble getting erect. I know it could be stress and/or anxiety but I have never had this trouble with stress interfering with my sex, if anything it is a usually a stress reliever. Its not making matter easier either, because even with it only happening a few times it has managed to get ahold of my thoughts a little and I am afraid my brain is just going to keep tricking me into thinking I cant perform. I haven't really ate different than I ever have or changed up anything different. If anything I have stopped recreational use of alcohol as much as usual.
Some other things have happen to make things more odd. She has given me oral or masturbation a couple of times and I have not gotten fully hard but have achieved ejaculations. This doesn't make sense to me and has never happen before. She says it tastes different than it does as fully erect. I also used to be able to ejaculate and keep on having sex. And I used to have sex over and over with only small breaks between, no trouble. Now its like I have trouble to even have sex twice a day.
Please help me out.
Sincerely, Concerned!

Twice a day is quite often.  Most sexually active people your age only have intercourse 3.3 times per week.  It would be worth seeing your doctor about this.  He or she might order some tests to rule out an organic cause.  Most likely it is just stress and anxiety.  Try to relax before you do anything sexual.  Don't expect to be able to go from high speed to sex.  Also, if you're masturbating lately, it is worth abstaining for at least 2-3 days before an expected sexual encounter.  Work on finding things that help you relax, like a steam bath or listening to music.  It's probably just in your head.

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