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Hello, I am a 49yr female who after 10 years of celibacy can't stop thinking and having sex. I always had a high sex drive, but while raising 3 teens by myself decided for role model purposes I would not date.  Now their gone, I'm dating and my sex drive is causing some problems in my relationships because I am constantly wanting sex, sometimes 3x a day.  I have not gone through menopause yet, I will be 50 next week. Is there any biological, hormonal reason why I am obsessed with sex? I was excited about my sex drive because I hear so many women have problems staying interested as they get older and only wanting it once a week, however,I am concerned that I am putting to much pressure on my boyfriend.

Three times a day might be too much for your boyfriend, but wait for him to tell you that.  There is nothing wrong with you wanting it that often.  You're also coming off a period of 10 years of no sex.  You're making up for lost time.  I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're doing.  Enjoy it and don't worry.

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