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Hi Doug ! I have a few questions .
I've been recently active with my boyfriend for about 3 months
I have received oral by a few of my past relationships, and it felt good and
I have came most of the time..
But with my current boyfriend , it hurts when he goes down
And he doesn't bite ..
Also, he said something about me never squirting before ?
What does it mean to squirt , and what is it?
And something to do with "urethra" ? What is that ?
Can you help me understand what he's talkin about ?

If it hurts, tell him so he can do something different.  It doesn't do any good to tell him afterward.  Some women produce a fluid at the point of their orgasm, akin to male ejaculation.  Some women refer to this as ejaculation, or squirting.  It's OK if you squirt and OK if you don't.  Many women never squirt but have satisfying orgasms anyway.

The urethra is the tube that connects your urinary bladder to your vulva.  It is what urine passes through on its way out.

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