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I really want to try giving oral sex  my girlfriend of about 7 months, but she says she isn't into it. Can you suggest done ideas why she may be saying this, because she's never had it before so couldn't know what its like. I want to go further with her because I think it'll strengthen our relationship and being us closer together.


Instead of nagging her about it, I would try suggesting it sometime when she's really in a good mood.  It might also be a good idea to pick a time when she's recently showered or bathed in case she's self-conscious about her appearance.  If that's really the case, then you might soak a hand towel in warm (not hot) water and wring it out so it's damp and then gently place it over her vulva for a minute or two to help ease her self-consciousness.  

It might also be an idea to buy a dental dam and show it to her that you can perform oral sex on her without actually making contact with her privates.

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