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  My girlfriend and I have been having sex for about a year, and she has orgasms and cums and every thing but she hasn't squirted yet and she really wants to and I want her to. I've got the whole fingering her to orgasm down and every thing but we don't know when she feels like she needs to pee and shes cumming If she should push like she was peeing or just let it orgasm and if it happens it happens. I also want to know if when she cumming I should push up on her g-spot really hard and go really fast. One more question I've heard of the Cul-de-sac but what exactly is it and how do i simulate it. Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Squirting is not the default happening.  Only some women release a fluid at orgasm and only some of them describe it as squirting.  Your girlfriend should not be disappointed if she has dry orgasms and not be disappointed if it merely flows out like saliva and doesn't squirt.  Find things to do sexually that you both enjoy and maybe someday she will squirt.  It doesn't feel like male ejaculation anyway.

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QUESTION: OK thanks,
 I was also wondering what is the Cul-de-sac and how do i simulate it.

The cul-de-sac, is the end of the vagina adjacent to the cervix.  Some women like having contact with the cervix during intercourse and some don't.  Women tend to not like men with large penises thrusting against it, but a man with an average sized penis can hit the cervix and cul-de-sac with just the right pressure that it tantalizes and increases her sexual pleasure.

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