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Hello Larry,

I recently used the 69 position with my girlfriend for the first time.  This is her favorite position because she loves receiving cunnilingus and gets turned on by performing fellatio.  I like the idea of this position, but couldn't handle all the vaginal fluids she was putting out.  She was really upset when I had to stop part way through.

I should point out she had a clean vagina and didn't eat anything odd that day.  Also, I have performed cunnilingus on her many times, but she doesn't get as turned on from just that and I can easily handle the amount of fluids she puts out.  She puts out much much more in the 69 position.

So what can I do?


Get a snorkel and learn to deal with it.  
You have one of those mythical girls we all hear about that actually gets off by giving you a BJ.  That's why she is gushing in 69, she's getting off by getting you off.  As far as the fluids amount, man...I don't know what to tell you.  You have your own preferences, but you should look at it as a badge of honor.  YOU are making her do that.  It's a sign of success.  I'd learn to hold my breath and/or swallow if I were in the same situation.

Now...on the more important and sensitive subject, the odor.  This is a HUGE problem for us guys when we want to go down.  You already said she was clean and didn't eat anything weird.  The only other thing it could be is her PH.  It sounds like the hard part is over by saying something to her about it.  Now get her to go to the OBGyn.  It's a $200 trip that will be a great investment.  She shouldn't be embarrassed because that's the only cases these guys deal with all day long.  There are a lot of causes for a bad PH, but always an easy solution.  Let the Dr diagnose it and you will both be happy.

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