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QUESTION: Dear Larry, the thing is, am about 2 graduate 4rm college and I ll soon be loosing contact with a number of my mates..... The major concern is, there re a whole lot of sexy and pretty girls in my class, my problem is I don't know how to seduce em sexually so as to lay any of em, am quite fine, a lot of my female classmates even consider me cute. But I don't know how I ll enact that part of me, that ll make em want me, and want 2 lay me.... Because as it is, this girls re very curvaceous and pretty so it ll be unpardonable for me to allow em all go without laying @list 1 of em. Pls Mr. Larry u re d expert .kindly put me through . Thanks in anticipation

ANSWER: Let me tell you why you haven't gotten laid.  You're what girls call a douche.  How you went through a whole stint of college without getting laid, I'll never comprehend.  Hell, even the biggest band nerds and geeks can get laid in college without trying.  I can tell by reading your email that the reason you can't get laid is because you look at women as an object that is only there to serve and pleasure you...not men in general, just you.  At no point in your question did you name a particular girl that caught your eye.  At no point do you say that you like a particular style of personality.  All you can talk about is their curves, and ask me what will make them want to Fk you.  Well Bryan, there is nothing that is going to make a girl want to Fk you.

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QUESTION: Hey Larry, perhaps I wasn't very clear... Amongst this girls that re my clasmates...I chat and even tease a number of em, and ve found out they like sex a lot, but my major problem is setting up d right situation tthat will facilitate us both getting laid. U know what, the problem is they all claim 2 ve boyfriends, which is a lie in most cases. That's what poses as a barrier 2 me laying em, and u know am from africa, we see things a little differently here, when u don't ve a steady relationship.....u re tagged a whore...... So larry ...I still need ur expert advice.

The first thing you have to know is that no one here gives a fk where you're from.  We have our own customs and "way things work" here that YOU have to adjust to.  If you don't, you're not getting laid, unless you find another girl fresh from Africa, or rape someone (in which case you'll spend the rest of your life in prison getting ass raped by men).  I commend you on reaching out to an expert like me for help because that shows that you are sincerely interested in adapting to our ways.
1st, stop trying to get laid.  Girls here HATE that.  You have to approach a girl as a friend and never ever ever ever ever talk about wanting to bang them.  If you do, you just guaranteed yourself that you never will.  Sex is something that just happens, and in college, it's always between a guy and a girl who are just friends.  All this talk about setting up the right situation is way too much planning.  I've had sex in cars, at the park, on the side of a road, and had a bj or two while I respond to peoples questions on this site.  The reason it happened in those places is because it was not planned and it was unexpected.  Be friends, go out, have a good time, and quit trying to plan.  I assure you that when you do, it will happen.

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