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Hey there,
So here's the deal :)
I am in a very happy, semi sexually active (haven't quite reached intercourse yet) relationship, and I like to make sure that I cover all the "bases" before hitting a home run, in layman's terms. I've only had intercourse with one male, and am currently with a different one, we have been dating for four months, and we are long distance so when we do see each other, its highly emotional and physical. The problem, well there are two.

1. I have experience with Fellatio and greatly enjoy giving it and get off on doing it usually, so that's fine the problem is that my boyfriend is exceptionally curved, like a ninety degree curve downward about 1/3 up his penis, and so far I've been getting better at adapting my skills for this, but he likes deep throat, and deep throat doesn't bother me it is just slightly more difficult, and he is fairly flexible and straightening seems to not bother him at all, but it doesn't straighten easily or entirely, and id like to actually be able to full out deep throat him because that would be lovely, but he's thick, long AND curved. Is there anyway to achieve my goal without suffocating??

2. He has gone down on me twice, and he's not bad, but I am the first girl he has done this with. I am trying to compile advice from my past experience and have succeeded somewhat but it being his first times performing this, and I, having never done it myself, am not sure what advice to give him. He also has a tongue that can touch the bottom of his chin, an attribute I would very much like to take advantage of. If you have any advice for how to explain these activities for a new participant I would very much appreciate that :)

Happy New Year! (I'm sure it is too late to say that, but it seemed nicer :) )

A 90 degree downward curve is very unusual and might be a sign that your boyfriend has Peyronie's disease.  If so, he should be examined and treated by a competent urologist, who might be able to resolve the situation.  If performing more intense oral sex on him would mean you would start to suffocate, then perhaps you shouldn't perform more intense oral sex on him.

You should expect that your boyfriend would not be excellent after performing cunnilingus on you only twice.  Practice makes perfect.  Continue letting him know what you would like.  There's a good chance he's already on the right track, since you seem to be enjoying it.

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