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My boyfriend and I were out with friends the other night and half way through our evening he started to tease me. Soon we left and parked the car and fooled around a bit. He thrust once, just once, and I exploded.. I climaxed in a second and that's never happened before. I was so shocked at this because it wasn't a small thing that I could recover from in seconds, I couldn't keep still for what seemed like minutes. Why did that happen and is it normal? I was so embarrassed too because I soaked the back seat.. .
Your input would be appreciated

Congratulations on your fast orgasm.  It would be a bad thing if one of you always reached orgasm that quickly, but your lightning fast orgasm that night is one you will always remember.  You each did a good job getting aroused.  There is no reason to be embarrassed.  Males also soak the back seat when they reach orgasm.

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