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About two weeks ago I found my parent's vibrator in my father's drawer. I used it without wiping it or cleaning it (I wasn't thinking) and masturbated, penetration and all. At the time, I don't recall the dildo being dirty or having anything that looked like semen residue on it at all. The most recently my parents could have possibly used the dildo were that morning, about three or four hours before I used it or the previous night. I don't know if they wash it after they use it. The very next day, I got my period, which was perfectly on schedule. Fast forward to two days ago, and I get random waves of nausea and headaches that occur out of the blue. Immediately, my first reaction was "I'M PREGNANT WITH MY FATHER'S BABY" and I started to freak. Although chances are slim that there was semen on the dildo in the first place (I'm just extremely paranoid) is it possible that the sperm could have survived long enough to impregnate me? Would I have been fertile if I got my period the next day? Is the sickness I'm feeling symptoms of being pregnant, or do I just have a bug? (Keep in mind that this girl I sit next to in class has told me she doesn't feel very well lately. Also keep in mind that I have used my parent's dildo before and have never been preggers.) Am I just overreacting and stressing myself into sickness? I know that in about 12 days when I get my next period it will tell whether or not I'm pregnant, but I'm worried that my stress levels will halt my period and that will only freak me out even more. Is it likely that I am pregnant? Please help me, I'm so scared I feel like I'm constantly going to vomit. Thanks.

You could not get pregnant that way.  Even if your father got semen on it, sperm could not live on it more than a few minutes.  It would have to be warm and wet when you used it for there to be any chance of your getting pregnant from it.

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