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QUESTION: It bothers me that there are no female experts in this category so I am hoping you can answer this for me. First off what is your PH.D. in? And as for my question can women easily climax while in the cowgirl position from the guy thrusting upwards into her? I read somewhere online that women will never climax from upward thrusting like that while one of my past lovers says that women can. I am curious if it is a waste of energy because honestly it isn't easy on the lower back.

ANSWER: There are varying views on the efficacy of sex positions for female orgasm.  Most women can reach orgasm more easily in the cowgirl position, but that is not because of the male's thrusting but because she can control her own movements; she can move her pelvis where needed to best stimulate her.  Obviously, the male is well stimulated by any movements.  I doubt if upward thrusting does the female as much good as it strains the male.

Rear entry positions don't facilitate coital contact with female stimulus spots as well, but they keep the woman's hands free to masturbate.  Although missionary position is one of the worst suited for female orgasm, it remains the most popular coital position.

The field of my Ph.D. is kept private to keep my regular academic work separate from my sexual science.

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QUESTION: What is the difference between coital contact and orgasm stimulation? And what does my back ache have to do with whether or not a movement will be pleasurable to a woman? Many things that men consider painful women seem to enjoy. lol. I only ask about your PH.D. because I would like to know how related it is to your sexual advice here? If it is something like math or geophysics than why mention it at all? Missionary is the worst position for orgasms? I was under the impression it was most popular for women? I've yet to meet someone that avoids it for something more complex.

Coital contact means any parts that touch during intercourse.  Orgasmic stimulation refers to specific parts of the woman that can trigger orgasm -- the clitoris and its region and the G spot.  

I would advise against any sex position that causes one of the partners pain.  Obviously upward thrusting with someone on top of you would cause pain.  Probably more than it is worth for the woman.

A Ph.D. trains someone to conduct original research.  It doesn't make that much difference what field it is in.  All Ph.Ds learn things like scientific method, survey research, regression analysis.

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