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i am 17yrs old and my girl friend is even of same age
but have a difference of 3months .we both are in 12th std
actually i want to ask few questions! !! And need a possible answers
What are the reasons for missing periods?
Actually in last month on 18th may we had something type of oral sex... I licked her vagina and she also done with me by blowjob...she was totally naked and was wearing my under wear....but i didn't ejaculated...her vagina and my penis was totally dryied ...there was no contact of sperns nothing...than she rubbed me...even i rubbed forcely but it was in my underwear .i didnt removed my underwear in all over Question is
Is it possible ?can she get pregnant? Please suggest some answers

actually she used to get periods every month by the 20th of evry month
bt she didnt had in that month even in this month she didnt had...i am very tens please help me out....

Hi there,
It is very unlikely that she will have gotten pregnant from this incident. Although pregnancy can occur without ejaculation, sperm needs to have gotten into the vagina in order for your girlfriend to have been fertilised.

There are many other reasons she may not be having her period. For instance, stressing about a missed period can ironically delay one. Your girlfriend may also be sick or not eating enough. If she has only recently started her period then it is not uncommon for girls to have an irregular cycle for a while.

I will also assume that you are her only sexual partner. I will politely suggest that having multiple partners can increase the risk of pregnancy if she has had unprotected sex with someone else.

If this is the only sexual incident between the two of you, then the likelihood of her being pregnant is next to zero.

Perhaps encourage her to seek medical advice to ensure that she is not ill or underweight.

Best wishes!

Sophia x  

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