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I'm a 17 yr old girl.... I masturbate (by putting my thumb in my vagina and moving it in and out fast..)... but my desires are not fulfilled... I also press my nipples hard before fingering....   but it feels like I need something more... what should I do...?? Instead of my thumb I also use the end of my tooth brush or a pencil sometimes... please give me an appropriate suggestion... and yeah I'm a virgin...

Hi Payal,

Maybe your issue is that you aren't trying enough clitoral stimulation. You are penetrating yourself, and possibly hitting your G spot. This can feel nice but may not do the job fully! Fingering alone may not be enough as the clitoris is being ignored!

You could try rubbing your clitoris or applying pressure to your clitoris in a technique that you prefer. Holding a vibrator against it can also be very effective, as can grinding it against your hand. Some girls even like the clitoris to be stimulated by pillows or jets of water.

If you keep feeling like you need something more you could try masturbating 2 or 3 times to tire you out. Try touching yourself on various parts of your body (even if touching your neck or your feet takes your fancy!). However, the most common erogenous zones (aside from genitalia) include the neck, the breasts, the thighs, the buttocks, and under the arm.

An orgasm can be stronger if you fantasize before and during the physical act, or if you stop yourself from climaxing when you are very close until you can stand it no more!

I don't advocate using a toothbrush unless you can keep it very clean! If you are going to insert objects into your vagina you need to be able to take care of them properly as this can directly affect your health. Make sure you use an toy-cleaner (for adult toys)after you use objects in your vagina. Also, store them correctly in a case and do not just have them sitting around exposed to the air and touching objects like vanity counters, bathroom sinks, or drinking glasses, etc.

You must also be very careful with pencils too. Whatever, you do do NOT insert the lead part 9the part that writes) into your body.  

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