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Hi Sophia I'm Eric I want to know is it normal for me a 17 year old to have sex with his mom.

Hi there,

No, having sex with one's mother is not a normal activity. Incest is illegal in the vast majority of societies.

Aside from being widely considered to be abhorrent, incest is not ideal for procreation as the two relatives in question share similar DNA and this can be highly problematic for offspring produced through incest. Children produced as a result of incestuous sex are more prone to suffering from an array of defects, illnesses and disabilities because their DNA does not contain enough variation.

If you are below the age on consent (this varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction) a mother who has sex with her son is guilty of not only incest, but of sexual assault of a minor (or statutory rape, carnal knowledge of a get the idea). Even if a young person is of the age of consent, a mother should be more responsible and NOT want to use her own son for sexual purposes.

Sex with one's relative is likely to cause emotional stress and psychological problems.

Incest does happen, however, and it is a topic that I find highly disturbing because familial relations that are built on love and trust should never be exploited for sexual purposes. There are numerous people on this earth to procreate with- doing so with one's own family is inappropriate and any adult or parent who initiates or agrees to incest is acting in an abusive and selfish manner.

If by "normal" you mean common, then my answer to you is that incest does occur frequently, even in modern society. There are many statistics compiled each year that detail the prevalence and types of incest that have been reported to have occurred.

If you are having sex with your mother, my advice would be to stop immediately and seek the assistance of a trained professional (like a psychologist). For your health's sake, I strongly urge you to make it clear on no uncertain terms to your mother that you are not going to have sex with her any more. This also includes noon-penetrative acts (oral sex, masturbation, etc).

This is not a healthy situation. I hope that you do seek help and please remember that a psychologist can help you with ways of combating negative emotions that may occur in the aftermath of all of this.


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