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Hello, you have provided me with very helpful advice before, it was in regards to my difficulty in cumming whem my wife performs oral in me. I have an embarrasing question. When my wife is performing oral on me, she will often touch me behind my for the embarrasing part, when she does this I get the urge for her to put her finger er, in my back area. As though that will make me cum. She wants touched there by accident and I felt like I would cum. Is it possible that her penetrating would help me orgasm?? Is it normal to want to be touched there for a straight male? Also she loves when I go down on her and I love doing it for her. Do u think she woukd like it if I did this for her? Dl any woman like that that you know of? I'm sorry for the many questions and to trouble u again. All the best

Hi Charles,

Do not be sorry.

Your desires are normal. Many males find this arousing. Anal penetration can be very pleasurable for males as the prostate stimulation can assist in bringing about a climax. Anal penetration is not something that is exclusively for homosexuals! Straight men can enjoy this activity too (and so many of them do!).

Plenty of women also enjoy having a finger (or object) inserted into their anus. However, there are plenty who cannot tolerate this, and do not like it one bit! You must be mindful of this, and ask her if it is something that she would be open to trying. If she is, then remember to lube up your finger and start gently. Spitting on one's finger is an inadequate way to lubricate it for anal penetration.

You might as well just ask her, and discuss the possibility of her doing it for you. If it goes ahead, the "receiving" party should make sure they have empty bowels beforehand. Lubricant is a must. Starting off in that area very, very slowly is also a must.

Good luck, Charles!

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