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I hope that you do not think that my question is too bizarre, but I think that you can offer some advice.
When a guy performs cunnilingus on a girl, do most girls prefer licking or sucking of the vulva or a combination of both?

Whenever I hear of orally pleasing a female, it seems to always involve licking.  Suppose the guy, like me, wants to do more sucking on the vulva than licking?  

I thank you for your reply.

Hi there!

Do you mean the clitoris? I suppose the same principles that I will expound on will be the same regardless of whether you meant to talk about licking and sucking the vulva OR the clitoris.

Some women have a very sensitive clitoris/vulva so might not appreciate sucking as that can feel too forceful! That being said,, many women enjoy the sucking sensation. Many women consider sucking to be painful.

Most women I have come across do indeed prefer licking, but it is best to ask your partner.

If she prefers licking but can tolerate sucking, you can do a mixture of both but focus on licking to make her orgasm.

I would advise bringing up the topic to a female with whom you have sex. She might accomodate your request to suck as a favor to you, even if it doesn't do much for her. If so, make sure you make the effort to return favors.

However, if she cannot tolerate it, you will need to accept her decision to not let you suck.

You can always ask her how she enjoys it best. Directions before or during sexual activities is fine.

Good luck!


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