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I am a guy and have never shaved or done anything down there but my gf said she doesnt really like to give me bj because I dont shave down there but she doesnt either so I dont go down on her so my question is do you think that if I do she might more? as well as what is the easiest and safest (dont want to look like i just learned to shave) way to go about it.

Hi Randy,

If you have stated that you don't go down on her much because she has more hair than you would like, then it logically follows that she is in the same boat and is put off by your pubic hair. There is nothing wrong with keeping pubic hair, but some people dislike it on a partner.

She has already said that your pubic hair is the reason that she does not perform oral sex on you. This means that you already know the problem, which can often be half the battle! If you want to remove the hair, there are indeed a couple of different ways to go about doing it.

Shaving is arguably the easiest method, not to mention the cheapest. Always use a sharp blade and plenty of shaving cream for comfort. Getting a nick once in a while will not be a problem. Do not share blades!

Waxing is a longer lasting option, but a bit more expensive and generally more painful!

It is really up to you.


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