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I am a male of 30, with only one previous sexual relationship (lasting 4 years). Recently, I entered my second sexual relationship with a partner who has had more years of sexual experience than I have, with more sexual partners than I have. The first time we had sex, I was surprised when she reached her climax within a minute of oral stimulation of her clitoris. We proceeded to have vaginal intercourse for about 30 minutes, during which she had more than 10 orgasms (I lost count).

Naturally, I was completely baffled and didn't even know this was possible. I have done research on the internet since and learned that there are indeed woman who are "capable" of having quick, rapid and frequent orgasms during one "session" of sex.

However, what still confuses me, is that we talked about her rapid and frequent orgasms, and I thought that was "just the way she was", but she said she was never like that before. She said that during the first time we had sex, she had an orgasm faster than she ever had before, and she never before had so many orgasms in one "session". In short: she was just as surprised, shocked and baffled as I was!

My question is: is this possible? I trust her completely and don't believe she is lying or faking to make me feel better. But my mind still can't grasp this. I know its not me, as I am not very experienced sexually, nor did we try anything "out of the ordinary". Heck, even with missionary, vaginal intercourse with no additional stimulation, she orgasms as fast and as often as explained above.

Any information you can give me regarding this, would be greatly appreciated. One final piece of information: she is diagnosed as having borderline and I know that there is some link with sexdrive, but I must admit I know very little about borderline.

Hi Michael,

My first piece of advice is always take the credit.  :-)   Borderline what? The mind is the biggest, most powerful sex organ we have.  If she is in the right frame of mind she is quite capable of a lot of orgasms.  Most, if not all, women are capable of multiple orgasms, it is just a matter of getting the excitement level up there.  Bipolar women who are on the up side can be very sexual.  If you are talking about borderline bipolar, then that may well have been a factor.  Some medications and drugs can also have similar effects.   

So;  pretty much all women can have multiple orgasms, some medications and drugs can heighten sensitivity, and some mental health issues can produce these results.   But neither drugs or mental health issues are needed.  It could all be you and her attraction to you.  I would go with the latter.


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